Founders Biography

Name: Sierra M. Stephenson, Founder
International Fathers Rights Organization, 501c3

Sierra Stephenson founded International Fathers Rights Organization in response to his own experiences with Social Service organizations and foster care services in the state of Kansas.

Mr. Stephenson, as a single father and parent, has experienced the social services and foster care services first hand through trying to obtain services for his son.  Mr. Stephenson was a single parent of a child diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder, ADHD and a behavioral disorder encountered the negative results of bias and lack of programs developed for all families and not for just the single mother headed households.  Mr. Stephenson's experiences with the lack of communication, programs, and support systems designed for families headed by single fathers, led to the development of International Fathers Rights Organization (IFRO).

Many programs through the State of Kansas are aimed at single mothers as head of household and are often not prepared to support families that are headed by fathers only.   Throughout his experience Mr. Stephenson was to be told the only way to obtain services was to sign his son over into foster care and encounter bias that as a father, he was unable to care for his son and the bias that as a father, he admitted that he needed help in developing new ways to maintain a healthy family.

The bias in the system for single headed families for mother’s, prompted the development of IFRO for supportive development for all families to find the supports they need and to find the information and resources all families need to be productive parts of their communities.


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