Information and Links for Families

This is designed to be beneficial to all parents to give them the insight so everyone is held accountable in their own cases.  These links provide the ability for each person to acquire legal help within their state. Many give free consultation, so please read and forward this to anyone you know that has the need for support in these types of situational issues.

As you embark upon this information search be wise to exercise reasonable caution and take in to account the following:

  1. Be critical of what you read
  2. Consider the source of the information
  3. Make sure information you find is current
  4. Make sure the arrangement of material on the site is user friendly.
  5. Remember that the Internet “cannot be a substitute” for a medical or clinical source.
  6. Be cautious about sharing private information over the Internet.  You can’t be sure that information you divulge will remain private.
  7. Use search engines and key words to help you find the information you need.

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Goldberg & Associates offers FREE CONSULTATION with problems involving: custody disputes, child visitation problems, and parent-child relational problems, including problems related to parental alienation. You can preview free online video conferences and check out what the conferences are about by going to their website:  If you are interested in having the conferences for free, please email IFRF at for information and assistance.

National Information (pdf)

State Specific Information:


VOCAL (Victims of Child Abuse Legislation:


Cheryl Matrone, Concerned Parents Report:

District of Colombia:

100 Black Men of America, Inc.:


American Coalition of Families and Citizens of Kansas:

National Center for Fathering:


President, Indiana Civil Rights Council:

Theresa Martin, Parental Alienation Awareness: www.parental-alienation-awareness




Fathers for Equal Rights, Inc.: